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Resell Rights Mastery
Raving Member Testimonials

-- Stuart Tan,
Bestselling Author of "Secrets of Internet Millionaires"

Edmund, INCREDIBLE! That's the only word I can think of to even come close to describing the premium value you have delivered with my ResellRightsMastery.com Platinum Membership.

I personally run a couple of membership sites, and am an avid subscriber of several more, but, in all honesty, I have to tell you that I would have paid you DOUBLE to gain access to what you have!

There are titles inside that I haven't even HEARD of yet, and you manage to make them available for your members. Bravo Edmund on a job well done.

Having a Platinum Membership to ResellRightsMastery.com is the greatest decision a person in the resale rights industry can make for themselves.


-- Tracy Yates,
Columbus, Ohio

Hello Edmund,

The day I got your gold membership was like a breath of fresh air to me.

I had just had to cancel a membership with a auto responder and downloads as I could not do it anymore. I never thought any company would give all this away and help someone in business so much like you have.

Truthfully the tools you provided me was all I needed to start my income.

You provided me relief and a great offer to give my subscribers and friends, I have always said I bring an honest face to Internet Marketing and give value, I can keep on doing this thanks to you!

I really appreciate how much this membership has helped me, thank you so sincerely.

Warmest Regards,

-- Lisa Lomas,
Home Biz Whiz

Hello, Edmund,

After wading up to my waist in internet garbage, how refreshing it is to find a site with true value for money. Marketing beyond web design and graphic art is a new direction for me because client referrals have kept me
very busy. Until now the only time I earned revenue was while awake doing designs. Having quality products that sell while I sleep gives me more freedom deciding which new design projects to accept.

The free autoresponder is absolutely fantastic! This, too, was new, yet it was installed quickly and features an easy to use control panel, so no worries about setup or server side includes.

Warm regards,

-- Jim Degerstrom,

Custom Website and Graphic Art Design

Hi Edmund,

I would just like to say that I have really appreciated the Platinum Membership which came with purchasing the MarketingMainEvent2. The amount of downloads that you have included is just staggering and I am very pleased with everything there.

-- Mike Horley,

In my personal opinion, I can assure you that I feel happy to be part of Edmund Loh's ResellRightsMastery.com and through my experiences as a member, I can see how he over delivers far and beyond. He puts customers first and is helping put more money where it counts... can you believe it?

Well, it's a rare treat in anyone's language. I just wish I had more hands to give him my ten thumbs up. Thanks again Edmund, I appreciate you and everything you do.

-- John Mignano

I have been marketing online for many years and one thing I love is value for my money. And boy Edmund you certainly have value in ResellRightsMastery!

The E-books, templates and Master Resell Rights products are top shelf!

-- Dan Farrell,
Build An eBusiness On A Shoestring


I am glad I made the right decision, because ResellRightsMastery.com has given me a lot of Private Label articles that I have successfully edited and sold.

You too can have these Private Label articles, you can edit and call them your own, then submit for viral distribution, or compile your own Information Products and sell for profit!

I would recomend this membership for both beginers and for anyone who wishes to produce their own product without spending too much time writing their own.

This is absolutely, the easiest and cheapest way to make money online. Period!

-- Harib S.H.,

Hi Edmund,

Thought I'd drop a line about your Resell Rights Mastery site.

Wow! I signed up some months ago and took advantage of the Special Upgrade price you offered and have got my money back simply through using the Unlimited Everything Autoresponder! Not to mention the cash generated by some sales at my online store from products that were free to download! Your Gold Membership is something I feel everyone remotely interested in Internet Marketing should make sure they take advantage of (as well as the ugrade).

Thank you for a fantastic ever growing resource that I can not only use personally but offer to my valued subscribers and members!

To Your Continued Success!
-- Alan B. McGourlay,

Dear Mr. Edmund Loh,

I don't know how to thank you enough for your awesome membership site! With the wealth of information & content that you are providing at your site, many are likely to reach their success with leaps & bounds. I look forward to your membership updates in the near future.

Many thanks again!

Sincerely Yours,
-- Ken,

I always look forward to reading your awesome products. If quality and truth is what you seek then your articles were etched in Gold! Your lastest is as always another masterpiece to add to your gracious collection.

I know I always can count on you for educational and beneficial information. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next release! Please keep me on your first to know list!

Laurie Brandt

Hi Edmund,

I consider yourself to be one of the very first people who put me on the path to Internet marketing.

When I first tried my hand at online marketing I was merely an affiliate, but then I just happened to come across an eBook written by yourself based around resell rights, it was all new to me, but I knew I had stumbled upon something great. I soaked up all the tips and tricks from the E-Book, and the rest is history now!

I highly recommend ResellRightsMastery.com for anyone wanting to learn and profit with resell rights. Whether you are new to the resell rights industry or not, Resell Rights Mastery and Edmund (The King Of PLR) will help take your business above and beyond!

BIG Fan,

-- Bren O'Hara